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    I to recently ask myself a question.Why am I here? Do I have a purpose other than just existing? I am still searching. Trying to finds one true self is extremely hard. It would seem he wants happiness (his way). Could he find others who love music as he does and and relate both of there talents to helping others with there music problems? Life sometimes does not go(our way). We need to step back from our daily routine and and try something (different).
    Could you take him to a comedy club a music club anything that might take his mind off his boredom. He needs change (any change) bad. Repetition is boring. Seek therapy. Is he willing to sacrifice his problems for your love for him? He has convinced himself of these problems. Stay positive and turn all his negatives to positives. Good luck. pljames

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    Read about how your brain release chemo-signals to make the other person attracted to you after shaking hands
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    Handshake the science behind. How your brain respond to a handshake. | Health Facts

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    I’m thinking about what I can do other than feel sexual or feeling competitively violent.
    All my tendencies gravitate to sex and violence. Violence being energy and strategic thinking in competition with other males.
    I suppose there is money to think about and organizing my inventory to think about, but I don’t do those. I suffer from disorganization as a diagnosis.
    I suppose I should fight my disorganized behavior, but it’s very difficult and consumes more energy than it should for me. It is actually less energy consuming to think about strategy (violence.)
    I associate strategy with violence because they are a lack of peace and exercise of competition. Violence isn’t necessarily breaking the law to me. For instance playing a strategy war game on the computer is an act of violence in my mind. I’m afraid of playing my favorite computer games which involve violence because they put me in a conflictive mindset that affects my other behaviors and how I treat people.
    Besides sex, violence (strategy), and perhaps organization, is there other areas that I could consider focusing on?
    I really appreciate help adding to my lists. I apologize for the amount of posts I’ve posted recently. I love asking psychologically familiar people for input.
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    Both of them may or may not have a lasting impact depending on the girl.
    At age 31, I no longer care about love, but the ability to reproduce.
    Guy two was obviously more husband material. If the girl stuck with him he probably would have eventually kissed her when he had the means to enter a binding agreement with her. He was responsible, but because the girl was young and looking for love, not a husband to reproduce with, she ditched him.
    Guy one set up guy two for failure. The girl preferred guy 1. Because she left guy two for not kissing her, and she preferred guy three.
    Not all girls are like this. Some don’t lose their virginity early and would prefer guy 2.
    Some like to be dominated and would never have left guy 1.
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